More information on the materials, cleaning, etc. of cablery
One of the ubiquitous attributes in our cablery pieces is the glimmering light-play effect that results from the choice of highly reflective polished  stainless steel. The pieces capture their own volume in space, while conforming to the body, so that there are many rhythmic high points to  become sparkling point sources of reflected light. The fine threads inherent in the construction play accross the flowing forms to create a  multitude of eye catching sharp refletions, no matter the lighting angle. This effect is brought to life by the constant motion that’s an inherent  quality of life in the human body. So that the cablery piece celebrates the essence of life in the wearer by using it to transform ambient light into  a constantly changing, shimmering light-play effect. Indeed another constant theme in our cablery is the transformation of simple steel into  something with a lifelike nature. Whether this is through a soft and reactive feel, a responsive motion in the piece, or active transformation of the environmental light into an eye catching glint. Most of our pieces use only the stainless steel thread itself in their construction, and through their simplicity focus on the broad effect which the  wearer accrues by adding the cablery to their appearance. The epitome of this is our whisper range, where the form of the jewelry itself is  thinned out and reduced to the point that the matter of the piece almost fades away, and it becomes the effects of glimmering light-play and  delicate traces of the remaining lacework of stainless steel wire which are the qualities embued upon the wearer. Rather than jewelry where a  piece is a cordened-off treasure, existing unto itself even when worn. Some cablery is fine and delicate. Some of it heavier and industrial. And in this spectrum some pieces are more typically gender specific, while  others could comfortably suit anybody. In items designed for Her the shimmering finish compliments the finess of the many fibers in the piece. In  items designed for Him, the sharp reflections and hard sheen of stainless steel speak of the toughness of the material and gives crisp, clean  lines, preferring more geometric shapes.
Throughout our jewelry we use stainless steel thread to build a form with has a specific purpose in mind, but which is also just plain beautiful.  Thus, across the range runs the theme of the thread, or cable. In many cases we’re able to do things in cablery that are sorely lacking in the  plethora of repetitive pieces available in this industrial age. We’re particularly proud of our re-design of the earrings’ hanger, and of the neck  tie.
Cable Jewelry (Cablery)