Contact We love hearing from you. Whether it’s to share your  perspective on one of our designs, or because you want  to get involved with a public project, or a commercial one.  You can use the form to the right, or email us directly. Alternately, call us at: +27 (0)82 514 9978 To contact us regarding any of the showcased designs,  whether products, plans, or open use designs, Email  -  (Robyn will pass on  queries or comments to the designer.)  For contact relating to this site, or related blogs or other  internet based content, please email - Read how to order our products below. 
       Ordering and Commissions Contact us to discuss commissions at:         Direct orders  To order our products directly please email:  Alternately you can place an order at one of our shows   or stockists.         Please specify the name and type of the pieces (eg: “Penelope” earrings), as well as the number required.           We will get back to you to confirm the order; your choice of shipping means; and payment details.  Some of our designs are made-to-order, so please consider   that production can only start once the order is confirmed.          Shipping within South Africa can be by your choice of:- courier service; south african postal service; or personal delivery locally in the KwaZulu-Natal  Midlands, South Africa.     For delivery by courier we use:  BERCO EXPRESS -                                                 DHL -                                                TIME FREIGHT -                                                     All South African Post Office parcels are tracked. And this may be a cheaper option. However SAPO shipping is generally slower and       still more risky. Shipping world wide can be arranged. Please contact us at: