Below is a collection of our open-use designs (found in their appropriate sections of this site)
If designers are society’s tool for transforming all of the knowledge that we’ve gotten pretty good at gathering into practical, functional products and systems, then designers need to fulfil this role in all situations. Even the ones where the gain that stands to occur is to the public, or society as a whole. So Robyn Hoodridge designs desirable items, but also puts out designed solutions for anyone to use just because they should exist as an option in the world. It helps that we can’t turn off that part of the brain which does design thinking, and even when the product isn’t going to end up in our catalogue we sometimes simply have to follow it through. So some of our designs are intended for general use. This is unrestricted, free use of the idea, design, patented elements, or plans we might provide. Obviously what we offer is the developed concept, which you may use, alter, or develop further. We’re also open to helping in editing a design for the specific application. Since many of these open-use designs are appropriate to instances where assistance is needed, or no profit is accrued, the use of these designs is free. Though we ask that the contribution we make in any instance is recognised and the design attributed to Robyn Hoodridge.
Open Use Design
This design combines work to create seating that gives the closest  experience to the natural state of no seating at all, with the use of local  natural materials, and an exploration into the reductionist approach.        Inspired by seeing children sitting in a circle on the dusty dirt floor,  we wondered what seating could be made, using what was easily  accessible in that area, and using the least possible outsourced  material, and could be produced with skills and effort as close as  possible to that which a child would posess.
A pothole marker system devised for use by members of the public to  warn drivers of the sometimes quite invisible road danger.