Jewelry tends to celebrate tiny detail in its design and construction, and small jewelry pieces are generally the most common type. This small scale detail  can be appreciated by the wearer, and perhaps the few around them who get a chance to get close and study the piece. However much of the detail is  lost to a general onlooker. And if one of the functions of jewelry is to attract attention of those who are not yet close, then common jewelry styles are  missing a lot by being exclusionist where the effect of the piece is only accessible under close inspection. Patterned fabrics and makeup can achieve a  broad effect within the impression that one portrays, which jewelry tends not to be able to do. Both because jewelry consists of focal pieces and because  these focal pieces simply can’t be too big. And jewelry pieces which wish to reach out to the broad scale of the impression that the wearer projects must  normally be outlandish, a dominant feature, bulky and heavy. We wanted to reclaim some of this lost ground for jewelry and enable the wearer of our  pieces to use them in a more dispersed sense [influentially] to tone their overall appearance. But ideally without any complications or added bulk to the  wearing of the jewelry.        The characteristics of our cablery let us create a very fine, light, and delicate reflective lacework overlay to a region of the body. Where the shimmery  reflective nature of the thin polished stainless steel lines is spread out, tending as much as possible toward reducing the jewelry piece to only this crisp  light-play effect. And the whisper range is the embodiment of this intent, in which the ideal is that the matter of the piece itself disappears, leaving only the  flecks of reflected light as the effect of wearing the pieces. Like a whisper, the art is in the subtlety. And like a whisper, ones interest is peaked by its  presence, yet its delivery is so delicate that by its nature it is indiscernable.      The whisper range is a collection of our cablery pieces with especially fine and airy construction, to be an understated addition of the shimmery,  reflective feature of the fine threads of stainless steel to ones appearance. It includes pieces of all types (rings; earrings; bracelets; etc.), to provide  complimentary pieces throughout ones ensemble. However all cablery is complimentary to a large degree, and pieces from the whisper range are easily  matched with other cablery pieces.       Many of the pieces have been kept especially light and minimal. So that the use of only one can create the absolute lightest adournment, and the use  of multiples produces an additive effect. Like additive brush strokes, or additive layers of water colour when a fuller effect is desired. So that the overall  intensity of the impression created is entirely dictated by the wearer, and to the occasion.
cablery                            range
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